Painless Prototyping Background

In my opinion, one of the worst parts about breadboarding is setting up difficult components such as push buttons. They require a whole lot of wiring, multiply that by several buttons, and there are going to be issues. I wanted a way to simplify the process of setting up buttons so that I could focus on the more exciting aspects of bringing an idea to life. I realized that others might benefit from my idea and thus, Painless Prototyping was born.

My Background

I began playing around with the Arduino back in 2012 and documented my experiences in an old blog of mine, Do it Arduino which you can check out here. The blog ended, along with my Arduino projects about the time that I left to serve with the Peace Corps due to a lack of regular electricity and internet.

I picked up where I left off about two years later by using web design and creating an engineering portfolio for myself. Web design led to Python programming which led to a return to the Arduino. Most recently, I’ve taken to electronics including soldering, PCB design, and Raspberry Pi.

A big thanks to…

Cliffo Biffo, Dan Rothstein, Christian Vitroler, Humberto Ribeiro Mendes Neto, Harmut Geissbauer, Dave Matsumoto, Dustin, Randy Joslin,Richard Hudspeth, David Ersson, Mathew Knoop and Jessica Kedziora for helping fund the Button Board Kickstarter Campaign!