BYO Keyboard Programming


First Time Coding?

Automate the Boring Stuff is the resource I suggest to everyone getting started in programming Python. For the BYO Keyboard, I recommend chapters 0 through 6 and chapter 11.

Quick Note – CircuitPython is based on Python but is somewhat different. While Python is meant to run on your computer, CircuitPython is for microcontrollers like the ItsyBitsy M0 Express. Many of the concepts you find in the recommendation above will be helpful here.

First Time with CircuitPython or ItsyBitsy M0?

Here is a great collection of resources from Adafruit to get started.

Need help?

If you need help, please come stop by Discord.

Coding Time

Check out GitHub and navigate to the BYO Keyboard version you have. Then click on the programming language you want to code with. This tutorial will focus solely on getting up and running with CircuitPython.